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Founding Director Joint Message

"The purpose of this corporation is to drive Japan's industry tomorrow.

It is to develop and produce effective entrepreneurial human resources. 』\

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Since 2000, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research have been recognized as solid academic disciplines in business schools, and among them, efficiency, which clarified "characteristics of proficient entrepreneurial decision-making," is the core theory of that discipline. It has become.

Currently, many of the programs offered as entrepreneurial programs are no more than general subjects that juxtapose marketing, finance, leadership, and so on. On the other hand, a series of hypothesis-testing-oriented tools such as "Lean Startup", which has become the standard as an entrepreneurial methodology in recent years, is also a major premise of human resources who can master such tools and start a successful business. Without "preparation" or "mindset", nothing will start, and the number of human resources who are too knowledgeable to take action will increase.

In Japan, entrepreneurship such as undergraduate-level business administration education that is unparalleled in the world, a trading company that replaces venture capital, a business school as a graduate school for working adults, and an initiative of the "entrepreneurship department" for undergraduate students of universities It has a uniqueness that is different from that of Europe and the United States in terms of home development.

Efforts that include a licensing system that brings coaching and career perspectives to the effects that the Association is aiming for will be unique efforts according to the situation in Japan.

Entrepreneurship is a medium- to long-term perspective on a career related to the fundamental desire to survive, "living." In confronting the social issue of "entrepreneurship," there is universality in the way that includes classroom lectures and practice. We are determined to contribute to the development and production of many entrepreneurs through the efforts of this corporation or group.

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